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Curing Diabetes Is Impossible but You Can Live with It with Simple Steps

The non-healthy food comes into play in the daily fooding habit, which also comes up with one very dangerous thing and that is diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the biggest health challenges in front of the medical science and till yet there is no permanent cure fund.

Yes, it is true!

But what we come to know is controlling diabetes for your lifetime is a quite easy job based on your daily life routine and food full of balanced nutrition.

Follow the article till the end you feel the difference yourself.

1) Stop taking refined sugar: It simply means giving up all the foods that are made from the HFCS (especially soda or carbonated pressure). In the case, you find that this first step is difficult, then wean yourself off from these foods day by day. For any addicted person, it takes about six months to end his sugar addiction for better good. Sodas and HFCS alone have caused 130,000 cases of diabetes per year.

2) Consume large quantities of daily superfood: There are a number of herbal superfoods available in the market for the diabetic patient so pick them and start consuming those foods on daily basis. Take chlorella and astaxanthin on daily basis.

3) Do Exercise and have plenty of Vitamin D: You simply need not do 3-4 hours’ exercise daily; just spent your 30 minutes daily on exercise, and you will start observing the change in 20 days. So, if you actually want to prevent diabetes, then boost your vitamin D levels with either through the daily sunshine or by having quality vitamin D3 supplements.

4) Avoid Processed food: Avoid eating any kind of refined eatable. That includes the white bread, processed meat (it strongly promotes diabetes) and the dairy products. The suggestion is a switch from the cow's milk to the almond milk. You need to reduce or eliminate the cheese from your diet. If you are fond of meat and love to it, then eat only the fresh unprocessed meat; we are saying it again never eat processed packaged meat as it contains the sodium nitrite, a dangerous chemical that destroys the pancreas function.

5) Switch your life to the herbal: Make a plan and push yourself on herbal, and this one is the important aspect in your plan. From tea to daily eatables, make sure they are high on nutrition and low on fat and carbohydrate.

In short, if you are diabetic, you must avoid:

  • Any kind of foods containing high amounts of processed sugar.
  • Foods high in fat.
  • Foods containing the refined flour, they raise the sugar levels in the blood.
  • Avoid red meats, meats that are low in fat like fish and the chicken should become part of your daily diet instead.
  • Food rich in salts. Replace them with herbs like garlic, rosemary, ginger and turmeric.

We wish you the great health but for that take the natural means to battle the symptoms of diabetes and follow the path to the better health! To know about the latest diabetes treatment, you can visit your doctor, but till then, combat with it with these day to day precautions.

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