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Nik Wallenda Net Worth 2023

 Florida Aerialient, 40-year-old wire king, Nik Wallenda just finished his latest leg to be the first person to walk across the Grand Canyon area. His wife Erendira and their three children Yanni, Amadaos and Evita are accustomed to extraordinary action and are familiar with the challenges that threaten their lives.

He crossed Niagra Falls last year at a dramatic foot record. It took 23 minutes for him to walk across the Grand Canyon Gorge, inches in a 2-inch wire. Apart from his action he was a very blunt Christian. He grew up in an acrobatic family. His parents traveled to North America living in a car home.

They appeared in various circus actions and their own independent shows. This upbringing inspired him to enter acrobats. He was aware of the risk that threatened his parents to face every day and thought it was not worth it. He considered a doctor at one point.

Children Wallenda sometimes is part of the action. The youngest child, Evita, had balance achievements because he would balance in his father's palm at the age of six months. Wallenda show has included water achievements and diving, death wheels, motorcycle spells, air silk and circles, death globe, and of course high wire.

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