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Stephanie Hayden Net Worth 2023

 Children of five years playing with their girls playing with Barbie and boys with cars. But five-year-old Stephanie Hayden has played with real weapons. At that age, he learned how to shoot and develop his love for weapons.He is a specialist firearms and Gunsmith America like his father, which means that he is skilled in repairing and serving firearms.Stephanie gained popularity through the reality TV show "Sons of Guns" which aired from 2011 to 2014. The TV Discovery Channel event Guns left the public happy to the end.

So, let's find out more details of the personal and professional life of this controversial person.


Stephanie Hayden was born in 1980, and he was a Caucasian with ethnicity. Rumors claimed that he was born as a boy, but the rumor remained unconfirmed.

His father had a significant influence on him, so Stephanie was introduced to shoot at a very young age. He joined his father's company "Red Jacket Firearms LLC" immediately after finishing school.

The company produces customized weapons and sells it to private collectors and government security institutions. When Stephanie appeared as a very talented in this field, he managed to rise to the position of manager and then the company partner.

Stephanie Hayden Net Worth 2020

Stephanie Hayden made a lot of money as a partner at the "Red Jacket FireMarm LLC" and through reality TV shows. "Sons of Guns" assessed high ranking during running, so at a time it was extended from the duration of 30 minutes early to one full hour. He gets around 150,000 per episode.

So, how many Stephanie is rich in 2020? It is estimated that clean wealth is as high as 500,000 dollars.

In addition, his father will Hayden has a net worth of more than 1.75 million dollars, and his husband Kris Ford also has a luxury income.

Married life

Stephanie's husband, Kris Ford, was also a firearmist and worked as a production manager at his father's company. He participated in the reality show mentioned too. The couple has two children together and a son from the previous Stephanie marriage with William Scott.

Stephanie and Kris were arrested on charges of child abuse and attacks in October 2014. Allegedly that Kris brutally crashed into the thighs and buttocks of children and Hayden did nothing to stop him. The couple was arrested but able to post guarantees.

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