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Against K assets net worth 2023

 Capital: € 5 millionAge: 32Born:07/03/1987Country of origin: GermanySource of wealth: rapperLast updated: 2020Short introductionKontra K is a rapper brought up in Berlin. His genuine name is Maximilian Diehn. Toward the start of his profession, he auctions himself off the road with an intense picture and harsh rap. Meanwhile, he broadcasts more moderate vibes. Notwithstanding his effective visits through Germany, the rapper brings in great cash with his YouTube channel and the famous real time suppliers.

He is a dad of two and a family man. Kontra K is exceptionally attached to creatures and is engaged with creature insurance.

Early life

Kontra K experienced childhood in Berlin under troublesome conditions. At 16 years old he passed on school and devoted himself to rap music. He needed to imitate his American good examples 2Pac, Nas, Notrious BIG and Naughty by Nature. At this age he additionally began kickboxing. Game and music should assume a significant part in his future life. Kontra K likewise began in his initial a long time with his third enthusiasm, tattoos. Various pictures enhance his skin and tell, partially, about his life.


In 2006 his vocation began to create. Along with the rapper KiezSpezial, he established the Rapduo full contact. The rap couple grabbed the eye of the rapper and maker Kaisa (once: Kaisaschntt), who marked the two under his name Hell Raisa. This joint effort led to the Fight Club Mixtape Vol. 1. After a brief time of joint effort, in any case, the name separated. Kontra K, who had been able to realize different rappers like Fatal and Skinny Al there, didn't stay inactive, however rather established his own name with his partners. The mark DePeKa Records. They had the option to win Distributionz as a business accomplice. Here Kontra K likewise became acquainted with the maker Big Flexx, with whom he actually works effectively today. In 2010 Kontra K delivered his presentation collection "Dobermann". A Dupstep mixtape called "Electrosmog" seemed two years after the fact. Around the same time his subsequent collection "Was bite the dust Zeit brings" was delivered, which was one of Distributionz's top of the line collections and had made a conclusive commitment to the way that Distributionz turned into Amazon's Label of the Month in April. The next year the EP "Auf Teufel come out" and the third collection by Kontra K "12 Runden" were delivered. This could arrive at eighth spot in the German collection diagrams. Kontra k turned out to be an ever increasing number of fruitful and notable marks became keen on him. In May 2014 he then, at that point, concurred with the name "Four Music" and marked an agreement. How productive this cooperation was at that point clear when the EP "Wolves" was first distributed. The collection "Out of the shadows into the light", delivered in February 2015, didn't disillusion assumptions all things considered. His fourth collection hit number two on the German diagrams. Kontra K kept on delivering with the consequence of his fifth independent collection "Mze" in 2016. For this he could, in addition to other things, win rappers like RAF Camora and Bonez just as the band Haudegen for a joint effort. The intuitive video that was delivered for "Next to you" contributed fundamentally to the accomplishment of the collection. On May 27, 2016, the collection hit No. 1 on the German diagrams. Contra Ks most noteworthy achievement up until this point. Motivated by progress, another collection was delivered the next year. His 6th independent collection "Gute Nacht" will be delivered in April 2017. He had recently finished working with the Four Music mark. Kontra K said about this choice that it was a genial division. The 6th collection is delivered under the name BMG. The number 1 collection "Earth and Bones" continued in 2018. The next year 2019, Kontra K delivered another independent collection. "They needed water, however they get fuel" had the option to set up a good foundation for itself on the highest rated spot.

Career highlights

Kontra K has figured out how to sort out its method of nothing. His shows are amazingly famous. In 2018 he had the option to arrive at 70,000 observers with only seven shows. A colossal accomplishment. Kontra K had the option to put his collections "Maze", "Goodbye", "Earth and Bones" and "They needed to get water yet gas" at number 1 on the German collection outlines. Three of these collections accomplished gold status. His pay from streaming stags is additionally worthwhile. Kontra K has 2.3 million audience members consistently on Spotify alone. With his most well known tracks, for example, "Last Tear", "Lead", "Cautioning", "All that she needs" and "Shadings", Kontra K, as indicated by the insights that Spotify distributes, ought to have as of now raised a sum of around 810,000 euros. His YouTube channel is additionally working out positively. With a 55 percent portion of deals through publicizing income, Kontra K procures around 40,000 euros each month on normal with around 11 million perspectives. Kontra K additionally sells its own style image with "Faithful Clothing". Up until now, no benefit of Loyal Distributions GmbH has been stored with the Federal Gazette, wherein Kontra K is entered as overseeing chief. In any case, since some garments are constantly sold out and deals are going admirably generally, a five-digit benefit can be anticipated.Amazing factsKontra K safeguarded a child tiger, which he named Elsa, and established an untamed life safe-haven.He began eating vegetarian. As indicated by his Instagram channel, Kontra K had the option to sell 3000 show passes inside 60 minutes.

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