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Short introduction

Farin URLAUB was born as Jan Vetter on October 27, 1963 in West Berlin. It is active in many areas, for example, flour also treats photography and also appears as a solo artist. However, it is known to a wide audience as a founding member of the group "Die Ärzte". Its brand is its brilliant blonde hairstyle with which it stands out as the group's Frontman.

He also has as creative leader of the group, has co-written many texts and has also written many known songs for doctors.  

Early life

Although he always keeps his privacy out of the public eye as much as possible, some things have become known to his debut. We know he lived with his mother in the district of Moabit de Berlin until he was seven years old. He then spent his young people until the age of 18 in Frohnau, during which his mother loved play songs by the Beatles and he went into contact with the music for the first time. He took a guitar course of an older woman at the age of nine, during which he adopted the most important standards for the guitar struggle. He has regularly played guitar on school trips and holiday camps to share with friends and teachers. The associated criticism was just as positive, however, because his subsequent music teacher also advised him to do nothing. But maybe it was precisely this criticism that Farin needed at the time. He first attended high school and high school, which he graduated from high school. At the age of 16, he had cut his hair and laundered for the first time a school trip to London. He joined the Punk scene and broke a degree in archeology because of his grass music career. Shortly after 1981, Farin met with the musician Dirk Felsenheimer (also known as Belab). Both played together in his group since Dirk was looking for a guitarist.  


Shortly later in 1982, the group around Dirk and Dissolved Farin and the result was the new group called "Die Ärzte". A steep rise followed, several albums followed the following years, the group had a commercial success and played many live performances. However, in 1988 quickly at the top of the success, Farin URLAUB suggested the separate band. This has certainly shocked the fans of the band because the separation has been actually implemented. After that, there was a little more break until the group finally gathered in 1993. Farin also launched a solo career in 2001 and published a total of four albums more than a live album between 2001- 2014.  

Career highlights

There were many strengths in the career of 30 years of Farin Urlaub and it was sometimes pricing and rewarding with doctors. They received pretty much all existing rewards in the music sector, many times the echo, the world price of music, comet, as well as the Otto Brovo and the MTV Europe Music Award for the best German act . Farin is also very successful with his solo career and albums sold well. In Germany, he was in the top 3 graphics with each of his albums and he also entered the paintings of Austria and Switzerland. He also played in several B movies, already in 1985 in the film "Richy Guitar" by Michael Laux and in 2015 in the movie Lust and Sound in West Berlin. He also published books illustrated as a photographer, because one of his great passions traveled. The product of the first illustrated book was given to the organization "Doctors Without Borders".  

Amazing facts

Farin URLAUB is a non-smoking confessed and non-alcoholic, and in 1987, he decided to lead a life of Pespeetarian. This means a diet that does not eat meat, but no fish meat. It is committed to charitable causes and supports organizations such as Greenpeace or Amnesty International by donating money. He says about his own guitar skills he has mastered the rhythm guitar, but it also took 30 years. His own goal in life is to see all the countries of the world in 2011, he had already traveled 117 countries Through her travels, he has also become very linguistic and over the years, he learned different languages, including English, Latin and Portuguese. His hobbies include the motorcycle, reading and guitar design. Farin is a real all-round in various fields and especially a very warm person, as you can see about these facts.

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