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Kairo Whitfield Net Worth 2023

 Nine seasons into the most dramatic and venerable reality series on TV Real Housewives of Atlanta. And it seems like the faithlessness and catfighting is n’t getting old to the shows 3 million daily observers. But the show which be generating a new followership this season all thanks to Sheree Whitfield’s son Kairo.  

 We were introduced to Kairo when he was only 12 times old but the now 20 time old has numerous driveling over tantalizing shirtless snaps. Although he's holding it down in council Kairo is looking beyond his council times and hoping to start a career in the modeling assiduity. At 6 bottom 6 and the body of Tyson Beckford that dream might be within arms reach. His recent modeling test prints made their way in the runners of People Magazine and Us Weekly. The buzz grew so big that morning talk shows Wendy Williams, The View and indeedE! News did a 5 nanosecond point on his development.  Kairo’s mama Sheree is presently garnering the maturity of income in the family with a$ a season payment but Kairo is also getting a little bit of change for being part of her story line. Despite all the mess between her and the other ladies, Kairo is getting a bigger story. He commands$ per occasion appearances. Not bad. And those show appearances is helping him gain further attention and it might indeed lead to some TV and movie places. Kairo has been in touch with Director Tyler Perry about a possible part on his forthcoming “ House of Payne” spin off. 

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