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Mariah Huq Net Worth 2023

 Birthday: June 12, 1976

  • Age: 38

  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini

  • Birthplace: Chattanooga Tennessee

  • Spouse: Dr. Aydin Huq who’s ethnicity is Bengali

  • Children: Lauren Taylor and Ethan Tyler. Her children are “Blackadeshi” a term the couple coined

  • Net Worth: $4 million originally posted on and later confirmed by CelebrityNetWorth.Com

  • Salary: $100,000 per season of Married to Medicine

  • Mane of Maria and her lionMariah Huq is the star of the hit Bravo series "Marriage and Medicine" and is currently in her second season. The show began in 2013 after the hit series Atlanta's Real House Wives. The series continues to grow, attracting more than 1.5 million viewers per episode on Sunday night alone. Since presenting a personal issue between friends and professional struggles, Married to Medicine has been laughed and strongly tweeted, thanks to stars Mariahaku and Quad, who continue to offer new sayings and words not found on Websters. It's full of moments.Mariahaku is one of the producers of a program that praises women's success by saying she has made other stars relevant. This is probably true, as each woman was a housewife and a doctor. However, Maria took her credit line to a whole new level by creating new dramas and rifts during the cast. That is, his ex-bff quad. The two have been good friends for many years and have similar backgrounds. Today, their competition is the main reason for the constant growth of the audience. Maria was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in mass communication from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga in 2003. With a mouth like him, he worked his degree. After graduating in 2003, one of his first professions was a local television station in Tennessee. She produced a news program at 6am and then spent four minutes talking to local businessmen in the city about the evening news. Ultimately, he had his own tapping program titled "Lifestyles and Trends" in 3. The concert encouraged her to become her own business owner.In 2005, Maria moved to Atlanta, completely changing her medical sales career. There she met her best friend Quad-Webb Lunceford, who was doing her same job. Both women were from Tennessee and soon had a bond. Maria and Quad met her current husband, a doctor, at her workplace.Aydin Huq specializes in emergency medicine and earns over $ 3 million annually. Maria was advised by Aidin to stop selling medicines and start her own business (with her money) in children's clothing and accessories. Her sister Lake works for her as a designer. Jewel and Gem Business has decorated baby rooms for dozens of celebrities in Atlanta, including Phaedra Parks at Real House Wives in Atlanta.

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