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Singer, actor, youtuber

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Short introduction

Shirin David is a German-born singer and actress.

Her real name is Barbara Shirin Davidavicius. On social media, she has 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 5.1 million subscribers on Instagram.

Her debut album “Supersize” was released in 2019. She currently lives in her adopted home of Cologne.

Early life

Shirin David was born in Hamburg on April 11, 1995. His father was born in Iran and his mother was born in Lithuania, where Shirin David spent his first years. From the age of four, she took piano lessons. The violin and the oboe followed. In the meantime, she took dance classes at the Ballet School of Ballet of Hamburg. Then she formed at the youth opera academy to sing, playing and dancing, then participated in various productions of the state of the state of Hamburg. 


In March 2014, shortly before his 19th birthday, Shirin David opened his YouTube channel on which she published more than 60 videos and is followed by 2.6 million subscribers. His first video was entitled "5 reasons why we never had anything to wear" and was considered by more than 2 million people. She mainly published the beauty, lifestyle and comedy videos. In 2015, with Teen Kojo, she released a cover version of Sabrina Setlur's "You do not love me" and therefore reached the 6th place of German and the eighth place in the Austrian monomographic paintings. In 2016, he became known that she had completed the contract with her Tubeone network, with whom she had successfully established her YouTube channel because she was looking for management that would suit her better. The following year, she appeared at the 14th season of "Deutschland That Superstar" alongside Dieter Bohlen, Michelle and Scooter HP Baxxter Front as a sworn. In January 2019, she published her unique "orbit" of her first album "Supersize", which was published on September 20, 2019. "Orbit" reached number 5 in Germany, number 9 in Austria and number 14 in Switzerland in Switzerland Unique tables. In February 2019, his second single "GIB Hib" was released and landed at number 1 on the German charts. In Austria, the single got 3rd place and in Switzerland 9th place. "Ice" was then released, which reached 8th place in Germany and Austria and 28th place in Switzerland. "You fly with" was published in May 2019 and, as "Ice", came 8th in Germany, 9th in Austria and 15th in Switzerland. A month later, "ON OFF" with Master Gims was released. This single came third in Germany on single tables. In Austria, the single got 5th place and Switzerland followed by the single "Brillis" in August 2019, which reached 4th place in Germany, 14th place in Austria and 15th place in Switzerland. On September 20, 2019, his first album "Supersize", on which all the singles published previously can be found, were released with the single copy "Nur Mit Dir", which she recorded with Xavier Naidoo.  

Career highlights

His first album "Supersize" reached number 1 on the German album paintings and stayed in the tables for eight weeks. The album reached second place in Austria and third place in Switzerland, where she stayed in the tables for four and three weeks. The only "GIB Hib" reached numer 1 on the German unique graphs and received the gold file. He sold more than 215,000 units. In 2015, she played in the film "Fuck Ju, Göhte 2" and the same year of "potato salad - does not ask!" With.  

Amazing facts

As a young teenager, she sometimes made money as a street musician in downtown Hamburg. She was not very popular during her school days and was almost a victim of an acid attack. Shirin David was a member of the Hamburg Girls Choir. In collaboration with the Cosmetics of the Profession Cosmetics brand, it launched a beauty bag with its personal disadvantages on the market.

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