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June 30, 1926

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Short introduction

Peter Alexander was an Austrian singer, actor and entertainer who was one of the most popular stars in German-speaking countries for many decades. In his films he was mostly heard as a singer, and many of his records were huge successes with the audience. In 2011 the singer died at the age of 84 in his native city of Vienna.

Early life

In 1944, Peter Alexander, brought into the world in Vienna in 1926 as the child of a bank councilor, initially Peter Alexander Neumayer, was as yet brought into the conflict as a trooper. In 1945 he was caught by the British.

In the period paving the way to his delivery, he kept on testing his ability, which had emerged during his school years, in numerous spaces of amusement – from spoofing to singing. He should concentrate on medication in line with his folks, yet he severed rapidly. All things being equal, he finished acting preparing, which he graduated with unique excellence in 1948. Peter Alexander showed himself singing and piano, and first appearances immediately followed. He delivered his first record in 1951. From that point on, a vocation that was uncommon as far as length, in German-talking nations, started as a changed performer.


From one perspective, Peter Alexander fundamentally recorded Schlager, but at the same time was dynamic in the class of operettas. In 1965, when he had a few victories, he won the Munich hit rivalry. By 1981 alone he had 38 top ten hits in the German graphs and had been highlighted in the main 100 with various titles multiple times. He delivered his last collection in 1991, by then he had recorded an aggregate of 156 singles and 120 long-playing records. In Germany alone, the marketing projections of his plants are assessed at more than 46 million to date. He additionally began a vocation as a showmaster on TV and as an entertainer in highlight films, wherein he generally sang. An interaction that expanded its generally incredible notoriety in unheard of circles. He had effectively made his first film in 1948, and before the finish of his acting vocation in 1972 more than 30 element films had been added. During the 1950s and mid 1960s specifically, he was dynamic in this field, now and then making four movies in a single year, as in 1956 or 1959. As a performer and showmaster, Peter Alexander stayed in the crowd a long ways past his last element film. The Peter Alexander shows, which were displayed on German TV from 1963 to 1996, were especially famous. With these shows, the performer accomplished appraisals that were just known from soccer big showdowns. He additionally consistently visited Germany, Austria and Switzerland with his melodic and engaging exhibitions. During this time he was along with another Austrian, Udo Jürgens, the best craftsman around here for a long time. At the point when he resigned with his 70th birthday celebration according to TV appearances, perhaps the best post-war artist in the whole German-talking region finished his profession. In 2011 Peter Alexander at last passed on in his old neighborhood Vienna after he was inconsistently seen on TV for exceptional events. He had recently moved his fortune of 40 million euros to an establishment. Notwithstanding various honors inside media outlets, Peter Alexander got the incredible symbol of honor for administrations to the Republic of Austria in 1985 and the privileged ring of the City of Vienna in 1984.  

Career highlights

Maybe his best single was the play "Pass on kleine Kneipe", a cover rendition of a Dutch play by Vader Abraham. In 1986 he recorded melodies with the German public soccer group on the collection "Mexico mi love", which was an incredible cross country achievement. As an entertainer, his generally famous and best job was that of Waiter Leopold in the operetta transformation "Im Weißen Rößl". His TV appearances added up to very nearly 200, one of which is not really conceivable to feature. 

Amazing facts

Indeed, even before his demise, his fortune was moved to an establishment that would help his two kids after his passing. Both of Peter Alexander's kids have kicked the bucket meanwhile, and his girl in any event, during his lifetime. In 2012, a square in Vienna's Döbling region was renamed Peter-Alexander-Platz. His estate in Vienna was crushed by the new proprietor in 2018 after the deal.

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