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Meet Judy Harris Net Worth 2023

 While her son Mendeecees is down serving a lengthy captivity judgment, Judy Harris has been at the center of all the mess he left before. Like a good mama she’s been doing her stylish to ease some of the pain that his baby mama’s are going through. And his absence has also taken a risk on his children’s relationship with each other. But because Judy loves her grandchildren so much she’s been doing all she can to mend walls and keep the peace till he comes home.  

 The grandmother to 4 beautiful children Lil Mendeecees, Aasim Harris, Skylar Smith and Omere Harris. Judy was born in Panama and migrated to Harlem when she was in her 20’s with her parents. She's now a mama herself of 4 including Mendeecees and all her children have different fathers which is why none of them look likewise. His father is also from Panama, his name is Roberto. Lately he posted a snap of him on Instagram. With all that’s going on, effects might feel like a headache for Judy but she has no problem making them checks to be on the show. She and Kim Wallace, the other grandmother to her oldest grandson, are chasing in big. According to her contract Mona Scott Young and VH1 directors are paying Harris$ per occasion appearance. She’s making a bit further than Samantha’s mama Kim who earns$ per occasion. She was featured on nearly every occasion bringing her payment to$ 117K. Judy also gets a nice fat check for attending the reunion. The quantum is$ for that one day of filming. Must be nice?!! 

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